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    Hello, folks.

    My name is Zach, (MisutoWolf online), and I’m the guy that Verok mentioned bought Artemis before he even left Charcon. He suggested I consider joining TSN, and before I even left there, I created an account here and figured I’d definitely give it a shot.

    Artemis is completely amazing, and his setup produced such a high amount of immersion, I couldn’t help but just be blown away by how great the game is.

    From what he said, you guys seemed like a great community to be a part of, and I’d definitely be honored to make an attempt at becoming a member.

    I’ve got many years under my belt of being a part of various gaming communities, so I definitely understand that there’s obviously rules and expectations of conduct that go along with membership to any group.

    I feel like I can definitely be a solid addition to the group, and also feel that part of being in a group is making contributions towards it in the interest of improving the environment and making it better for everyone. It’s a win/win scenario, because I feel like I’m helping to improve something I’m a part of, and I take pride in knowing that others in my group are reaping the benefits of improvements being made.

    I’m pretty well versed in HTML5/CSS3, so I’d be more than willing to contribute if needed/wanted towards the website (I also have experience dealing with PHP and WordPress specifically, though I’m rusty — It’s been a little while since I’ve used them), and I’ve freshly installed tools necessary to mess with modifications to Artemis (Verok informed me that you guys have your own Artemis mod that’s under development), so I’d love to contribute to that as well.

    Anyway, I just wanted to sort of say hello to everyone. If you have any specific questions you want to ask me, feel free. As far as playing the game is concerned, I do have TS3 and a headset, so communication via those means would be no problem at all. I don’t leave “home” without VOIP when playing multiplayer games, period.


    Welcome fellow recruit!
    Hope you’ll enjoy it here as I do.

    Cdt Fulvus


    I hope to really enjoy it as well. It’s such a great game. I wanted to be able to play this weekend, but I think due to moving stuff into my new apartment, I won’t be able to until the week after.

    In the meantime, I’m learning the process of modeling in Maya.


    welcome and just remember the one golden rule,… Don’t wear a red shirt 🙂


    Haha, I don’t plan on it. I left all my red shirts at home, and never plan to bother with one. The last thing I want to be is expendable. 😉


    Welcome aboard,

    It is always good to have new recruits joining us out here in the expanse. We’ll get you on a crew as soon as possible so you can get up to speed with how we operate in the 4th Light. It might be a little different to your academy training; we like to throw our cadets in at the deep end. I am sure you’ll manage though, and the officer’s you’ll be working with will help out!

    See you on deck,

    Flt Cpt Xavier



    Welcome to the TSN! I look forward to flying with you.

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