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    The fleet conference software starts up and the officers assemble around the table.

    Welcome. Lets make a start with reviewing our latest intelligence information and the impact we are having on the Hegemony forces in this area.

    After that, we’ll review our current status as a division – ordnance supplies, general supplies and the set up of the current base.

    Xavier picks up his data pad and begins to navigate to the relevant pages, leaving an opening for input from the officers tasked with reviewing the latest intelligence data.


    Edward takes a step forward, on his open palm, half reading and half speaking to the room.

    Sir, before we start with this weeks topics i would like to repeat an idea I had for disrupting the flow of traffic in Drenan. We could lock the gates from this side, if we do that to all of them, it would heavily disrupt the flow of vessels going to the front.

    We would have to lock Onwia gate as one of the first ones and would have to build in a backdoor for us to quickly activate and deactivate it. The reason we would have to do Onwia gate first is because the Hegemony is going to assume we will flee through the last gate we get to, before locking it. This would also make the Hegemony search the system we were last in instead of Onwia.

    When it comes to this week’s topics, i feel as if we are doing quite well disrupting the Hegemony’s activity here. I am very curious as to what effect our trick with the whale beacons have done for us so far.

    He looks around the room for reactions and then takes a step back


    Raiden straightens in his chair and seeing noone else is ready to talk starts talking towards Edward Pierce.

    Although that is one possible way how Hegemony would react, it is by far not the only one. A full blown blockade of this sector can simply mean that enemy will move their assets through Setmari, Ka’morlin or any other system. And while we could possibly use the time to hurt the local infrastructure badly, this doesn’t help the situation on the front as the resources woudl eventually reach it, albeit delayed.

    It’s a viable solution if we want to surprise enemy and enable certain coordinated offensive on the front, but we have no such indication TSN is ready to mount counteroffensife so far.

    Hurting enemy steadily, luring them to traps, hurting their supply lines would by my accounts achieve greater impact and weaken the opposition on the front and thus enabling the counter offensive and perhaps such a bold move as to blockade an entire sector.

    Besides, blocking Onwia would certainly cutoff the local forces there and the most logical reaction would be to amass near Onwia/Drenan gate and trying fixing it. This would certainly eliminate our ability to sneak in and out of Drenan undetected and endanger our base moreso.

    Again, I think this would actually be a great move to support a hopefully soon to be mounted future offensive, but I would advise against such a move right now.

    Raiden takes a deep breath as if to continue, but after a moment of pause decided not to.

    That would be all from me for now.

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    I concur that this is not the only reaction possible from the Hegemony but I do think it’s the most likely.

    A mounted offensive could be a good idea but I personally think we should keep that until the end of our mission here, a final offensive so to speak.

    For the results thus far, I hope an ONI report might give more info on that


    Raiden looks very surprised and starts typing into his pad frantically.

    Intel report? It’s been available for days… Oooohh, was it not published yet?

    Well, here’s the link. The paperwork is hard to keep track of without access to fleet mainframes…


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