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    Xavier’s data pad once again rests on the desk in front of him – the interface with the desk’s systems already complete and data readouts scrolling across several integrated display panels within the table top. Officers appear suddenly as they link to the virtual conference software, and take their seats. As the final seats are taken, Xavier begins the briefing.

    I have been looking over some of the reports from the recent missions. According to the information I have, we were able to destroy one of the hegemony mining facilities. This will definitely increase the alert level in the system, but hopefully they will put the attack down to pirate activity. There has been some increased comms traffic from the Hegemony, which intel hopefully with be able to provide us more information about.

    With the successful broadcast to TSN, we know too that we can establish comms if required. The update sent to them will confirm our status so far.

    What is our latest intel we have?

    Xavier finishes his opening remarks, turning to the ONI officers sat around the desk.


    Edward Pierce is sitting in the room, listening to the Fleet Captain

    Sorry sir, i don’t know about the new intel concerning the mission but i do have a suggestion to make.

    Seeing as there are a lot of pirates in the vicinity, we might be able to spoof our own communications to work through the same frequencies that the pirates use. That way, any comm chatter from us might be perceived as coming from the pirate ships.

    That might give us an extra layer of protection. A veil of mystery so to speak.


    Attention, this week’s Intel report has been released:



    Regarding Mr. Pierce’s suggestion, several operatives in the ONI believe this might be a viable option to us. However we do not have enough logs from our previous encounter (that lasted mere minutes) with the pirates and cannot sufficiently modulate their signal patterns yet.

    A suggestion was made to deploy a comms relay near a pirate base or several ships to observe the standard protocol comms, perhaps even decrypt their transmissions in the process.

    If we collect enough samples we may be able to adjust our own encryption protocol to take this modulation as the first transport layer. This might fool the standard scrutiny towards our allegiance and mask our comms.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions, officers?

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    Despite being acting Div.Cmd. at the time of the missions, I did not see the reply we received from HQ. Do we have that available here?


    Raiden turns at Lt. Cmdr Xiph:

    Message received from Command confirmed receival of our transmission and urged the Task Force to continue in the operations with utmost haste. New enemy fleets have joined the front combat and TSN urgently needs a shift in the momentum. They regret the loss of one of the transports and attribute it to the incorrect launch procedure followed by the transport crew – Engine wasn’t shut down properly per the operator’s instruction.

    Matthew Vaj

    A memorial service in being planned for the crew of the lost transport. This is a grim reminder that we have procedures for a reason.

    Our current primary objective is to identify potential locations to set up a small base. There are a few candidate locations here in Drenan, none of which are particularly good options. Based on the traffic patterns observed over the past couple shifts, we expect that the Onwia System will have areas which see fewer Hegmony vessels, so our recommendation is that scouting Onwia be an immediate priority.
    However, part of the commmunique from Command was related to our first supply drop, which is planned to be sent during the next shift. Before we transition we will move to locate and secure the drop. Unfortunately the engineers have been unable to significantly increase the precision of the array, so we cannot expect the drop to arrive exactly where it is supposed to be.

    Roshin Das

    Standing to the side of the room, Das takes a step forward

    Excuse me, sirs, if I may. I’ve taken a look into the reports and stellar cartography to see if there was anything we missed, and I agree that our next best course of action would be to explore the Onwia system. However, there’s an area I believe may hold some promise.

    As noted in the reports, Drenan XVI has heavy traffic and after our attack on the mining outpost in Drenan III there will be heightened security in that area. Assuming that they believe an enemy interest in Drenan III, their patrol would be along the axis and a sector perimeter, which makes almost the entire corewards half of the system unusable, along with the trail side. But this does divert attention away from the Rim-Spinwards sectors.

    Adding to the fact that all their operations in this system are mining and hunting, we’ve seen little to no reason to assume an interest in sectors thirteen and fourteen. Being so close to a gate may cause a proximity alert, so Drenan XIII holds no significance for them.

    It may be a distance from the Onwia gate, but if we continue our usage of the nebulae and silent running, we could operate from this location, and reach the majority of gates with little disturbance. If further scouting operations prove unsuccessful, I believe this would be our best opportunity.

    Neimad K

    From the office at Loria Command, Neimad adjusted the holoimager and examined the visual display before providing his report.

    The combination of the loss of the transport ship and an increase in Hegemony activity in the Mria and Ashia sectors has impacted on our ability to resupply personnel to the Division. Admiral Coates has designated reinforcing the 1st and 3rd Battle Divisions as a priority, so we should not expect personnel replacements in the short term.

    Further, the response to the loss of the transport ship has been to suspend slingshot operations until an inspection by the TSN Engineering Command has been completed. That inspection is in progress, and we are optimistic that slingshot operations will resume in the next 72 hours.

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