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    The virtual conference software initiates and officers begin joining the meeting and taking a seat, the conference table extending as each officer joins. Xavier begins with the formalities, checking off supply inventories, crew status and overall status of the Division, and then moves on to the main briefing.

    As you are now aware, our base of operations is here…

    Xavier indicates the region of space and the images depicting the location of the transport convoy.

    This gives us good access to transit routes through to Drenan system. Now that we are set up, we can begin striking at targets in Drenan.

    The main command base is too heavily defended to make that a target, so instead we want to focus on hit and run tactics against more vulnerable assets. Anything that will disrupt the hegemony war effort will be our focus.

    Let’s take a look at the targets available and make a plan.

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    Edward Pierce

    Taking a step forward, his pad in hand

    There are mining stations in Sector 1 and Sector 3 which might be good target’s, that would hinder the Hegemony from building ships and weapons.

    If we want to demoralize them, i would suggest taking out the whale hunting in Sector 4.

    And I also have another topic i’d like to bring up sir? While we were destroying the sensor arrays in Drenan 12, we caught a transmission coming from the Hegemony Command station Dred Falsu. It was a message to someone or something called The Burning Fist (or something similar, i would have to check my logs).

    They seemed to be talking about freedom and having hit something good.

    Might there be any intel on an entity called The Burning Fist? If it is a Rebel group, we might be able to take advantage of that? That would undermine the Hegemony from within.

    Edward takes a step back again and begins checking his logs


    Studying the map, plans were formulating in Garion’s mind, he considered several options as he waited for the Fleet Captain to finish his introduction.

    Sir, I feel we need to weigh several things here. First, not attacking in any logical pattern, the Hegemony may try to predict our next target once they realize we are doing hit and run tactics.
    Second, the more we attack the more evidence they have to point them to our base of operations.
    Thirdly, I would suggest starting our attacks at the farthest points from Onwia gate in Drenan, as the more we attack the more heavily defended Drenan is likely to become, if we leave the closer targets until later, we have less distance to traverse as we ingress and egress the AO. We would have to be careful not to make that into a logical pattern they could predict, however.
    Thus my suggestion would be, begin with Sector five.

    Garion realized he had in essence taken the floor and not yielded it for a while so did not continue the plan that had formed in his mind, he looked around the room to gauge reaction.

    Drenan: http://www.1sws.com/Intel/navcon-master/Nav/index.php?sector=Drenan

    Drenan V: http://www.1sws.com/Intel/navcon-master/Nav/index.php?sector=Drenan&sub=5

    Aideron Tivianne

    Starting further away from Onwia seems prudent. However, if we want to further mask our Base of Operation, we could also consider making it look like we came through the Ibroan gate from Sumri. If the Hegemony should figure out who we are – or even just that they are not hit by someone local – that would be the nearest system not under their control. As flimsy as it is, if they have not figured out that we have access to a slingshot array, that would be the likeliest point of ingress for an aggressor. We might fool or at least confuse them.

    Edward Pierce

    Something else I’d like to note that might hook unto something just said. During the shift we visited Sector 10, where a pirate base was located. However I believe we could not locate it on this latest visit.

    If the pirate base has been destroyed, that might mean that our cover as pirates is no longer believable and it might already have been discovered who we really are.

    Edward Pierce

    Also another thing of note is the Whale Hunting in sector 4. The Arvonians are part of the Hegemony. Arvonians are known to love space whales, and would rather fight you to the death then let you live when you hurt one.

    I am going to assume that the Kraliens have not told the Arvonians that they hunt space whales in sector 4. If that informations ‘happens’ to make it’s way to the Arvonians, we might be able to drive a wedge between the forces, weakening the Hegemony considerably.

    Roshin Das

    Das examines the maps projected as he takes in the information voiced by the others. His eyes stay on the maps as he speaks.

    As Lt Tivianne has suggested, a route from the Ibroan gate would give us an alibi if we were caught. I further suggest making our attack a sweep of sectors radiating outwards from Drenan XIV until we reach Drenan V and make it seem our focus is to gain access to the Erowis gate. Not only would this distract from Onwia but also give ruse that our attacks lack tactical strategy and gives them a false target to reinforce, allowing our real targets with weaker defences, while maintaining our cover that we are pirates or rebelling locals for the mean time.

    Taking his eyes off the display, Das scans the room, preparing himself to mention his own concern

    I do feel that we are overlooking one obvious issue. If we want to continue this ruse for as long as possible, our continual engagements will eventually allow for Hegemony data analysis of our ships.

    I’d suggest arranging a jamming signal to stop them transmitting data, but that might seem to tactical for locals. We could steal pirate or Hegemony ships, but the risk-reward factor is too unbalanced. Perhaps disguising our visual appearance, but the practicality of doing so would be difficult in our current setting without resulting in a moustache and glasses on our hulls. I’m open to suggestions.

    Das gives a brief smile to suggest he’s finished

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    Ensign Deadman

    After hearing everything said, I’m given an idea.

    I like the idea about taking the pirate ships but I might have a better way, don’t we have have ppl we know that are pirates already that could help us. The eastern front ppl may have just what we need, I’m sure if we offer them something for a few ships they might help.

    As for targets I have to agree with sweeping attack plan and if we had pirates ships that would work in our favor.

    Ensign Deadman

    After thinking for a moment I speak again.

    Also while this pirate sweep attack is happing we could do some deep strike attacks else where while they are busy with what they think is pirates.

    Edward Pierce

    Using pirate vessels would be a good idea if it were not for the point i have brought up before. If they have indeed destroyed the pirate base then where would we come from? This would make it more likely that the Hegemony would scout out near systems, and thus would probably find our base of operations sooner.

    I think the rebel idea does have more merrit in this case. But where we would get the ships is something I don’t have the answer to.

    Personally I also want to reinforce the idea for starting near the Ibroan gate, and working our way through the system as suggested earlier by various officers.


    If our goal is to disrupt the hegemony war effort while avoiding collateral damage, our objectives should be to:

    – Destroy military assets: ships, static defenses, resupply posts, materiel and supply transports, and communication centers.

    – Disrupt economic factors: destroy existing stocks of raw material, prevent acquisition of new material, harass civilian shipping and induce delays in the movement of non-military goods and even recreational activities that generate revenue that could be appropriated for the war effort.

    Mr. Pierce pointed out the Whale Hunting grounds in Drenan §4. Given our recent attacks on mining facilities and the shipyard, this would seem to be a rational target to hit instead. I’m not well versed in the Hegemony’s culture or economic structure; however, regardless of whether these hunting grounds serve a recreational or material role in our foes’ lives they are likely to be the softest target for our next sortie.

    The next best alternative, if we wish to avoid habitually striking the same locales repeatedly, is to attempt to disrupt and delay everyday traffic by harassing transports moving between gates, stations, spaceborne facilities, and planets. We don’t even necessarily need to destroy our targets if we can induce them to try to flee from a perceived threat and attempt to lose their pursuer in a direction that doesn’t correspond with their flight plan. The biggest hurdle in this activity is obscuring our identity, limiting this activity to areas where clear sensor readings cannot be taken.

    It might even be ideal if we could successfully shut down one of the gates in Drenan or beyond for a significant period, just to bring regular movements to a standstill. Indeed, we should be harassing traffic and crashing gates as frequently as we can without revealing a pattern to our movements.

    Edward Pierce

    //I’m aware that this is for last week but i have a suggestion that could turn into a mission for next week so…

    Another suggestion would be to lock all the gates. We would have to build in a backdoor for us to use the onwia gate (like a garage door back on earth).

    It would be important to start with the onwia gate on this because the last one we lock will probably be the one the Hegemony is going to try and search for us next.

    But locking the gates would severly reduce the travel to and from the system thus disrupting quite a lot of business and military operations.

    Though this could also backfire and create a pressure cooker envoirenment for us in the Drenan system. And that could lead to heavier opposition on further missions.

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