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    Xavier sits at the conference table, his data pad on front of him on the desk. The interface on the desk connects and lights up additional functions linked to the pad. Turning to the officers present he begins.

    Let’s hear the latest intel reports from what we have found in the area so far. What have we learned from our limited scouting?
    And I want to know more about the supply ship we lost. Is there anything recoverable from the wreckage?


    The Task Force David has successfully deployed into the Drenan system.

    The initial arrival sector seems to be devoid of any permanent installation. Comms chatter registered in the area come from azimuths 0,90, 135, 180, 270 and 315. The relative strength of the signals received point to azimuth 270 being the strongest, followed up by moderate signals coming from 315 and 135, while the rest was weak. Arrival sector is positioned to be upper right part of the 4 explored sectors so far.

    Upper left sector contained a heavily fortified Torgoth base, as is corresponding with heavy comms chatter registered. In the lower left sector we neutralized an asteroid pirate base. Lower right sector contains a base located in a nebula and a planet.

    Out of the 5 deployed transports only 4 did make it through. While 4 transports made it through intact, only a complete wreck of USFP transport Amatha emerged from the subspace. Engineering inspection confirmed no living souls aboard Amatha and no usable material could be recovered from the wreck. Fusion charges did detonate the hull into suitably small pieces that the wreck location should not be detectable by any known hegemony sensors unless directly looking for, from a very close distance.

    Otherwise the Task Force has amassed all ships and is parked in the upper right sector, in a grid C3Mk6. What number the sector will get assigned remains to be determined yet.

    For the analysis of enemy force encountered and the assessment of the targets observed, I turn to the weapons officers serving on the active ships.

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    Zac Turnez

    Leaning forward in his chair, Turnez indicates to the maps of the local areas explored.

    The fact that pirates were operating in this area is a fortunate discovery. We have destroyed their ships and neutralised the base in the sector rimwards of our position. I imagine the hegemony are aware of these pirates and have been hunting for them. For the time being, I think as long as we are careful to leave no traces when we attack, we could mask our operations by making them look like random pirate attacks. We could hit some lower level targets as well as some of the military targets. With any luck, the Hegemony will put those higher stakes attacks down to the pirates becoming more bold.

    Turnez pauses, and sits back in his chair.

    It is a double edged sword though. Eventually, the hegemony will want to find and flush out the pirates, which may well mean that their patrols increase. That will have a knock on impact for us. And of course, the hegemony may have already started to increase patrols to deal with the situation. There was an attack that we witnessed towards the end of our accounting mission. Though the pirates didn’t seem too powerful, I doubt the hegemony would tolerate them for long.


    Fleet Captain, the ONI has just released the full intel report. Clearance level three and above.


    Aideron Tivianne

    Those were my thoughts during the shift as well. I noticed a group of pirates ambushing a Hegemony transport, and it’s actions like these that will help mask our presence. On the other hand, the pirates themselves might leak that we are here, for example by intercepted comms chatter, so we have to be careful about that. It would pay off to get as much information about pirate activities in the area as we can, to actively use their operations as a smokescreen. Best case, we even find an easily raid-able base where we can acquire some munitions.

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