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    Admiral Coats

    From: Admiral N. Coates 2nd Fleet CO
    To: CO and Officers 2nd Fleet
    CC: TSN Admiralty, USFP Security Council
    Subject: Deployment of Divisions and General orders

    -This message constitutes a Notice of Hostilities within the 2nd Fleet operational area.

    -Cerebus System under Martial Law Effective 20:00 UTC Stardate 29815.2237.

    – Look to Addendum for specific orders issued to your Division.

    Order of Battle:
    2nd Battle Division to immediately deploy to Volantis System and begin preparations for Assault by Skaren war corporation and other elements in response to information obtained by TSN Valiant and Hunter. To Render aid to Task force 115 in Promethean if called on.

    3rd Light Division to Deploy to Dane and provide operational support to 1st Battle Division in operations against N’tari and Pirate Syndicate Ships in the Euphine Expanse. Objective is to provide relief of pressure on Cerberus assault, long range comms intercepts indicate probable uncharted Euphine to Cerebus Jump point being used by N’tari and Pirate Syndicate ships, Rouge Torgoth General Montag has mobilised forces as well; Torgoth sightings in Euphine reducing rapidly destination unknown but suspect Cerebus..

    4th Light Division to Provide Defensive support, to Cerebus System. Evacuation of non esential personel. Commodore Bertly to co-ordinate with Flt Cpt. X Wise in supporting defensive actions and efforts to hinder advance of Hostile forces in Cerebus.

    Independent Ships TSN Dragon, TSN Tsunami, TSN Grace Cut to temporary task force designated 115 to provide round the clock patrol in Promethean and Cronos in absence of 3rd Division.

    TSAF Grant and Jinn to start removal of ordinance located in Cerebus Sectors II and VI, otherwise now cut to 2nd Fleet 4th Division as Aux Vessels. TSN Vengeance Cut to 2nd Fleet 4th Division as Reserve.

    Atlantis Shipyards to expedite repair of damaged vessels immediately, use of war footing short cuts and expenditure levels have been approved by TSN Admiralty.

    Expect additional support from 3rd Aux Fleet as vessels become available. Mobilization orders have been posted for the 1st, 2nd and 4th Destroyer Squadrons.

    Further details will be passed in addendums to specific elements.


    Addendum – General Orders and information 2nd Fleet 4th Division
    Classified Level 3

    To:Fleet Captain X Wise,
    CC: Bridge Officers 4DVSN.

    Make no mistake we are facing several threats on several Axis we are responding in kind. We are stretched thin and will be so for the next 3-4 days ((Shifts)). We Believe the forces assaulting Cerebus are a mix of the following factions:

    Pirate Syndicate
    Rouge Torgoth Ships from their 5th Contingent.

    The Togoth Ships we believe are commanded by General Montarg. General Montarg was in command of the Hegmony forces assaulting New Babylon last year and then the massacre in the Grendel System. The New Babylon colony assult was considered a raging success by the Arvonian 3rd Fleet and as such evaluate probability of that some Arvonian ships may desert to his battle call especially given recent strained relations as High.

    Of the factions we are only formally at war with the Krelians. I have a writ of hostilities allowing us to engage all of the above forces without warning inside the Cerebus System. Surrendered N’tari and Arvonian ships are NOT to be harmed without due cause, even if they are mixing with still hostile ships. Use extreme caution with use of Area Of Effect Ordinance.

    This Order does NOT apply to Pirate, Torgoth or Krelian ships, Prisoners of those last factions should be taken when practicable, however the defense of our ships and assets are the priority at all times. the 122nd Marines are mobilizing but will have to travel a considerable distance as the Illian/Reha Gate is still non-functional. What would of taken a few hours is now going to take days.

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