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    Computer, record a missive to Division Commander, 4th Light Division:

    To: Fleet Captain Xavier
    From: Lt. Paige Jacobs, Civilian Liaison Officer

    I have been in numerous meetings with Guildmaster Mullens. No… meetings is too pleasant… too… “civilized” a word for what I was subjected to this past week.

    I have been outright attacked regarding the latest collateral damage report of your last mission. He had estimates… honest to void! He brought estimates on what it would take to rebuild the station. He had cost reports from the ore processors, the work crews, the transports… He even calculated the denabite necessary to complete the construction and get the station operational again.

    These concerns and estimates have been copied to Promethean and Atlantis Command, and they have given me latitude to press your division into making things right, as a concession to the Guildmaster, as well as a way to keep our own costs down.

    To make things brief, I have convinced Guildmaster Mullens that TSN is willing to front much of the up-front effort and logistical planning. We have contacted Retired Commander Kappler, who was all too eager to take on the assignment of coordinating convoy efforts from Planet Adden and neighboring stations in Sector 19. His reputation for planning is still well-known and respected among many of the older guild members. He will be in command of the convoys and will coordinate with your division on the best timing and course necessary to bring the personnel and materials to the required destination. The “up-front” effort is where you come in.

    You are to clear the enemy presence in Reema 20 and safeguard the arrival of the transports. Further, you are to lend your assistance and expertise to Commander Kappler as needed. His cargo is of utmost importance – we simply cannot afford to replace cargo that the civilians have sent to replace a station that shouldn’t have been lost, in the first place. Have no illusions that the Hegemony have sat back on their laurels. They may have embarrassed the 4th Light by destroying the station and sending your division running with their tails between their legs, but they have also been bringing in reinforcements through the Eulis Gate in Sector 25.

    For your sake, as well as my own reputation and career… Don’t muck this one up.

    If you require any more details, I have uploaded a situational report to Commander Donovan. He should be able to answer any questions you have.

    Jacobs, out.

    Computer: end recording.

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