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    STARDATE: 29918-2237


    The first phase of our mission is now complete. The expeditionary force has been successful in establishing a secure base of operations in the newly discovered Arcturus system. The gate equipment is operational and stable, providing a link to the Hjorden system.

    Our Hjorden allies are proving to be exceptionally efficient. Pertrach-Kal, the commander of the Hjorden detatchment, quickly organised the main command base whilst the 4th Light scouted for the area for resources. The mobile shipyard in now in place and almost fully operational, as is the supply transport. Thanks to the Hjorden efficiency, we are now ready to begin receiving regular resupplies from the Hjorden system. Petrach-Kal is proving to be a capable commander, and although the Hjorden forces don’t have the same years of military experience or front-line action as the 4th Light Officers, they are definitely no less capable.

    So far, we have had frequent encounters with several different space-dwelling lifeforms. These have ranges from the majestic ‘Dilector Canopus’ to the highly aggressive ‘Celestius Megalodonis’. Our beacons have been effective in drawing their attention away from the expeditionary force assets and the sensor relays have now been deployed and configured to the required frequencies to repel them further. Currently, they pose a low threat to our expedition, and hopefully the beacons will keep them at bay so that we needn’t have to utilise force to defend ourselves. Though we do have the capability to eliminate them, it is not my intention to destroy these creatures – this is their natural habitat and home, and we cannot allow them to come to harm because of our actions.

    Our initial forays further into the system have resulted in the discovery of two new nebula types. The science vessel Carson was able to scan these successfully and initial readings are promising. With the equipment we have, it shouldn’t be long before we can exploit them for key resources necessary to supply the expedition. There is also an abundance of asteroids, and sensor readings indicate these have the necessary ores and minerals to meet our requirements. I have directed Petrach-Kal to lead the efforts to set up the necessary equipment in the trailing regions already explored. She’ll be leading the Hjorden ships and take charge of the security and operation of the mining equipment in that area.

    In the meantime, I intend to take the 4th Light Division to explore the coreward sectors. We are not alone out here. During out first excursions, we detected an alien ship that our sensors were unable to identify. Currently, we only have a visual reference and brief sensor readings, but the intel analysis shows it is a space-faring race, and not a creature like the biomechs or caltrons. It will be important to make contact with them soon as evidently this is an area of space in which they live. Our directives include establishing peaceful relations with local lifeforms so I intend to try and make contact as soon as possible. We’ll then be able to discover if they are hostile or not and hopefully begin the process of building positive relations with them.


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