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    Tuor Elanesse

    I noticed something worth to mention in the last night’s duty shift, Lancer did something clever while obtaining the life pods.

    They just hovered over the life pod as we did before and when they are on top of it they launched the shuttle.

    I cannot even sure if that is clever or a cheat. It makes sense at some point because basically you need to enter a big ship via shuttles to keep it real, you cannot open a door to a ship.

    Yet should we do it like this or should we anchor around the life pod and then launch it?

    What LAncer did is even plausible during combat too. They can take life pods as usual while passing on them and then the shuttle docks at home again when the environment is safe.
    It is a good move but is this ethic? From my point of view it has a potential to misuse and be abused.
    Does it kill the joy of flying shuttles? Because at the same time one can ask that if we can do this move there is no point for launching shuttles.

    Just making a brainstorm, and do not criticizing anyone. If the crew of Lancer has not done it inevitably someone would do it.


    Is it ethical? Sure, why not? I’m just waiting for them to finish experimenting with the new scripting triggers and do the first time one of these lifepods, black boxes, or other space junk is boobytrapped. If you are okay risking the ship for a speedy pickup then that’s probably fine.

    If you are still concerned about this, then maybe the script could be altered to also spawn the pickup objects above or below the normal plane so a shuttle can’t just pop out, pick it up, and redock in a matter of seconds.

    Tuor Elanesse

    I am not concerned 😀 Just saying that this way is too much easy and might make us question the purpose of the shuttles.

    Being able to do something does not make that thing ethical. I do not think we can approach to new things as “why not?”. If we do not find a way, launching a shuttle will be like pushing a button to pick up pods while passing through them just like we do all the time.

    Yet Xavier said samething good in the other topic where we talk about possible shuttle names. He said it might be possible to put cargo limit to shuttles. You see, that solves everything. even if you are hovering on it, this time you need to make couple of runs to collect everything. Thus it will be legit by means of reality.


    Actually, it was ordered. I believe it was done to test the script functionality of using the shuttles to pick things up. Lancer hovered over the Lifepod for a while and criss-crossed over it and couldn’t pick it up. We were then told to launch the shuttle. I was the shuttle pilot, and had to maintain position at the lifepod until it was transferred aboard (simply running in to it like a Hi-Dens Power Cell anomaly didn’t work).

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