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    I have been thinking recently about Command Training and how the Division could go about, first improving the command ability of ship captains, but also providing tests and training for others who would want to command a ship. I am therefore wondering if anyone has any suggestions on scenarios and missions that would promote the decision making and through processes that link with training of command officers.

    Basically, what I am thinking is missions which would teach captains to overcome a problem in a particular way. There would be a couple of different levels of command required.

    The first would be ship command. These would have to be about how you deploy your own ship to counter a threat or overcome a problem.

    Second would be battle group command. These would have to about how you work with a battle group leader, or how you would work AS a battle group leader.

    Here is a very simple example of a scenario I was thinking of:

    Objective – use a battle group to effectively neutralise multiple heavy targets.
    Scenario – A couple of heavy enemies are closing on local bases. A ship acting independently would not be able to stall the ships long enough or have enough stopping power to destroy the targets. A battle group commander would have to decide how best to coordinate two ships (one of which is their own) to effectively neutralise the targets.
    Outcome – The battle group commander learns how to prioritise a target and coordinate two ships attacking a single heavy target before moving on to the next.

    As you can see, these will initially be about combat, but could also be about crisis management e.g. a base needs evacuating or support for some reason, a ship needs rescuing or you need to counter an ambush.

    I was thinking I could create these into mission scripts, some of which might only be “mini” training missions focusing on something specific, others full blown scenarios where multiple skills come together.

    Any ideas of other scenarios would be welcome, as well as suggestions on how to make these effective training/testing tools.

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