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    Fish Evans

    Hello Everyone, My Self and Leonard Hall have conducted a Review of stations and ships lost and have compiled a list in the form of a government report. It is however pretty incomplete as a Report… more of a list and so I would like to offer out to the Cannon Department the opportunity to expand on the bare bones with some details about events both in space and on the ground including soem of the things that perhapse did not effect us. The report will be published in a week or two (7th or 14th) This Link will give you access and permission to edit the document.

    Please leave the list of Losses alone unless we have left anything out.


    Here is a list of Known Persons that have been mentioned over the weeks or appeared on ship scans.

    Genral Montarg (MIA?)
    Lt-Genreal Tao-Min (Captured)
    Lt-General Hathloth (MIA)
    Lt-General Mithorp (KIA?)
    Lt-General Inath-Ki-Mo (KIA)

    Fleet Govener Neurog (Diplomat the brokered the Cease fire between N’tari and TSN forces on the last day)

    Commodor Tenath (Escaped)

    Commodor Bertly (system Commander)
    The Infinity AI

    Dux Reginald Smith (Observer that recomended the Hjordan help the USFP)

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    Hello, Fish.
    Thanks for compiling this. I edited the report just for spelling and punctuation. Are you looking for a narrative of the ebb and flow of the incursion or just keeping it to a butcher’s bill?
    I would be interested to know which stations were occupied and recaptured. Were there any Marine casualties? I assume that Damage Control casualties are in fact injured with far fewer fatalities, because I think I have personally seen 50-60 DC casualties in the course of the campaign on only the vessels I served with.

    I have to say that the briefings tend to go by incredibly quickly before missions and I often find myself with a very poor understanding of what we were trying to do and what we actually achieved. I do not recognize many of the names above. Were they mentioned during the shifts or is this the first mention? Specifically I do not recall hearing the names of the Torgoth Lt.-Generals, the diplomat, the Commodore or the pirate. This could just prove that I am a rather stressed out junior officer 🙂

    Also, the above makes me assume I misunderstood the task force sent to retrieve The Weapon. Were there in fact both a “Starship grade AI, the Infinity” and the Supercarrier “Atlantia”? I had conflated them into a single vessel. This explains why the Atlantia turned up again this week.

    Fish Evans

    Marine Casualtys! I knew there was something missing.

    Thanks for compiling this. I edited the report just for spelling and punctuation. Are you looking for a narrative of the ebb and flow of the incursion or just keeping it to a butcher’s bill?

    Im looking to make it a summery of events, I will start adding in some of the Mission briefings to it today so we end up with a record of events.

    I assume that Damage Control casualties are in fact injured with far fewer fatalities,

    I have always rather assumed that the the DC Casualty notification is of a injury that stops the DC member from being able to continue work and that whilst there are deaths the number is a small fraction of the notifications.

    I do not recognize many of the names above. Were they mentioned during the shifts or is this the first mention?

    The Lt-Generals where not mentioned in Briefing other then one – Hatloth. However they all (with the exception of the N’tari diplomat due to a technical issue) where available for Science to report on in the form of the ships scans on the various command ships, sounds like the various Science officers felt the information was not relivent to pass on or more likely the bridge had to much going on already. some of the missions where extremely busy. Howerver it does explain why the Pirate Commodore escaped unchallenged to fight another day!

    The Atlantia Has a few AI’s aparently and they lent one to us for those missions (Personaly I found that point a bit … huh? my self).

    Leonard Hall

    The main CAG/CIC AI of the TSN Atlantia is the Infinity core, it’s a model built for the high capacity, large mainframes of supercarriers and Fortress Bases. Meant to coordinate large strike wings of fighters found on supercarriers. Got loaned to us for the Cronus operations ( the weapon) and kept with the Fleet until the weapon and itself was delivered back to the Atlantia.


    Leonard, thank you. That is fascinating. It could be that I was simply a very junior and inattentive cadet/officer at the time of the mission, and that information may have been clear to command officers explicitly, from senior officer briefings, from context or from experience of the carrier and its AI in previous campaigns. But that sort of information would certainly add zeal to watching out for ships being escorted. It makes a big difference if you know why something needs to be protected, although I realize that would be restricted information beyond the bridge officers and perhaps within given historical information control. I take it that the loss of the AI was quite expensive for the TSN. It must take quite some hardware to support that grade of AI.

    Leonard Hall

    Indeed it takes some serious hardware to support the AI — we had to keep it within its own module, and while we could link it with the Command Base or one of our ships, our craft have, shall we say, much more primitive systems compared to what the AI generally works with. The pirate transport the AI hacked to get the weapon out may have had some firewalls, but Infinity has a much larger, much more powerful battering ram, so to speak. She’s normally hooked to a Supercarrier or Fortress Base after all, so a humble Battlecruiser or Command Base is going to make her whine for better gear.

    As for security clearance the mission was pretty under wraps given the danger the weapon presented and the tools we brought up to secure it. It’s completely understandable anyone outside of ONI/HICOM would be clueless as to what they were actually guarding.


    Ah now I understand the purpose of the AI. Of course it makes perfect sense that security would be very tight and need to know only.

    //However, as a GM, most of the game groups I have experience with have found that having ‘open secrets’ considerably helps the players’ investment with the story. Most of them have no problem pretending not to know and relish understanding what is truly at stake in the story and will often act in ways to bolster the story.

    What is true to the ‘real world’ of the story is often not as much fun to play. This is why I doubt that I will ever attempt to play Eve Online for example.

    Another excuse in our fiction might be that bridge officers are actually accorded a very high security level and are expected to act in the best interests of the USFP with all the knowledge they have.

    From a meta-game point of view, there is in fact no opportunity for the players to betray those secrets because they have no means of communicating with enemy agents or sympathizers. Though it might be fun to assume that inter-ship communications are not safe and restrict the language that command and comms officers can use.//

    Leonard Hall

    // Don’t be so sure about that Matsiyan. Anyone could be a Cylon.


    How is the after action report coming along?

    Leonard Hall

    This report needs to be finalized and published sometime if we haven’t touched it recently.

    — LT Hall ONI


    I made a pass updating a fair bit of spelling and grammar, but the later days of the action need details filled in. Some bits are in my logs, but not really an overview.

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