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    Jemel Eahain

    i have always wished i could draw or build (or both lol) a starship bridge its never something i have ever got round to,
    with xaviers description of a tsn bridge i wanted to draw something but quciky found i lacked the skill to do anything more than a plan view similar to the deck plans i made,
    so i went further afield , most of you will have heard of, budding artist put up there work, some for show some for sale,
    i found this
    bridge and thought it matched xaviers description pretty well, its an original work based on a star trek theme, the same person has a sick bay and engineering that match,
    so if its something thats liked im seeking permition to approach the artist in question and seek approval to use this work (with the relevant credits) on the tsn website

    thoughts ?


    Nice find! That is a pretty close match and has a lot of the ideas from the description in it.

    I wonder if the artist would be interested in doing a custom image for us if we provided the description?

    Jemel Eahain

    sick bay


    from his comments he made these back in 2009 its worth a shot tho


    Damn, these are pretty good for 6 years ago. I never thought to look at deviantart for anything other than characters or ships. (Been viewing that place for a decade now.)

    Do we even have any graphic artists in the fleet, or that anyone knows. Just in case this person isn’t around? Hope they are though.

    Otherwise great find! Although, they need to match up to the interior layouts of the TSN ships. (Or change the interior layouts?)

    Jemel Eahain

    Flash and wade are into graphics not 100% if they can/would do something like these, I guess I should ask tho lol

    If this sort of thing is accepted I can edit the deck plans as they were never fully finished to me

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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