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    Adam Parra

    Adam Parra

    Birth Name: Adam Parra

    Birth Date: Withheld
    Birth Place: Space Boomer – Near Pluto in the Kuiper belt

    Race: Human

    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: brown
    Height: 5’10″
    Skin Color: tan

    Criminal Record: none

    Adam has spent most of his life in space. His parents owned the ECS Sovboda, a freighter that hauled all around the Sol system. At the age of ten, his family and crew were victims of the Star Dragon pirate gang. They killed his parents and most of the crew. His instructors say he wants revenge. Others say he just wants to make sure what happened to him does not happen to anyone else. He is an excellent pilot. Does well at Eng and Comms. Could work on his Wea skills.

    During drills he took many bumps on the head to being a leader. A certain incident with a Senator’s daughter. She would bully the other cadets into a unhealthy fear of command. She tried mutiny on a particularly tough mission. He kept a cool head and was able to talk his way out of the situation.

    Service record:
    Cadet TSN Kekionga CLS Helm
    Ensign TSN Mystic BCS Sci
    Lt Jr TSN Havoc BSA Helm
    Lt TSN Belisarius BSA Helm
    Demotion to Lt Jr.
    Lt Jr. TSN Dauntless BSA Eng
    Lt Jr. TSN Dauntless BSA Comms
    Lt Jr. TSN Viper LCS Helm

    Current status: waiting for assignment

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