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    Adam Parra

    I loved this year at Armada. One of the first things I did was check in and get my swag bag. In the bag was a con shirt, a little FAQ and survival guide. There were also voting sheets for Murder Mystery and best mission script. This year was a new venue. They gave us 4 drink passes. You could use them for alcoholic or soft drinks. Quinn gave me some of his. Greybeard was already on the Pirate ship. So I meet up with Matsiyan and Mundy. I introduced them to a few people. I think Quinn showed up next. After that, my friend Deane and his son Julian showed up. Later, Vaj and his friend Joe arrived. I was able to interview a few people. Morlock, I got some files for you.

    Deane and I were characters in the Murder mystery. He played a Terran rep for the Skaraans. I was the Torgoth ambassador. The first scripted mission, The Great Whale Migration, ties into the Murder Mystery. You play a Terran ship looking for new area to place a new Science Station. The Arvonians get upset with the Torgoth and Ximni start hunting the whales. At that point you have to pick a side or stay out of it. The Torgoths were horribly out numbered.
    That lead to the Peace Conference at Beachwood station that the Murder Mystery was about. We found out the Torgoth were not capable of effectively fighting after 6 months. So the a Retired Colonel murdered the Terran ambassador and tried to implicate the Torgoth ambassador to start a war. This last war would set the Torgoth military for years, maybe decades. People casted a ballots for who they think did it. There was alot of foreshadowing showing the Colonel did it. Everything else was just speculation. Everyone had something to gain if the war started. Well, hauling the assassin away did not stop Torgoth and Ximni hostilities. The Torgoth Ambassador was offended and saw no other recourse but declare war on the Arvonians and Terrans. Right after the end of the last act, we got a “red alert, all hands to battlestations” over the PA. And we started the last game. The whole ballroom was divided into different fleets. Each fleet had 3 Battleship and one Carrier. The battle ships had 3 single seat ships. Quinn and Deane set up an bluetooth speaker and played some epic music. We defeated the Torgies and Ximni fleets. It was a 2 hour mission. It ended when a Kralien Super ship called The Inqusitor showed up. Mundy got it to surrender. It flipped back to hostile. All 4 ships teamed up to defeat it.

    I also meet the Canadian crew of the Hamilton. Captain Scales is quite the character. He tells me about what he and his crew do during the mission. It was nice to see everyone there. Seeing everyone come back. A lot of people commented on my Torgoth accent during the Murder Mystery. It was a mixture of Russian and Austrian. The awards were on Sunday and all the bridges got an award. It was all pretty cool.

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