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Blaze Strife


We gather on our TeamSpeak server every Saturday at 20:00 UTC, and play together for about 4 hours. Feel free to join us then, and you’ll be set up on ship, as a part of the bridge crew. We’ll run a few simulations so everyone can get comfortable, and then we’ll do a mission.

There are a few documents that you might want to read before Saturday, and I think you might’ve already found them, but I’ll link these anyway:

When you join us on Saturday, one of us will help you install the TSN mod, and let you know how to procede. It would be best if you could come to the TS at least 30 minutes before the shift starts.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

The TeamSpeak server link is:
There is no password.

P.S. We’re in the OOC subforum, so there’s no need to use // in order to denote that you’re talking out-of-character.