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John van Leigh

// @aramond, it depends. Last time our numbers were rather low, and the week before they were extremely high. If we have absences in the senior staff, the junior officers get pushed into command/XO seats (and the reasoning could get as simple as “who the hell is available” to “who do we want to get the experience while moving as few people as we can”). If the junior officers are few, we mothball ships. If both senior and junior officers are missing, we improvise.

//The two more pressing HHRR issues we’re having right now are whether or not to keep Thunder, which in fact breaks down into a storyline issue and thus we don’t know what’s gonna happen. I can tell you, on the other hand, that we discussed a lot who deserved a permanent chair on that ship resulting on the current assignment, so (and this is merely my own personal especualation) we’ll probably keep her around for some time. I don’t know if permanently, and in fact I doubt it, but for a couple of weeks at least. The second issue is what to do with Dauntless. Verok worked a lot in modding her so that she’s workable even without fighters, but I’m not sure his modifications are approved or when we’ll be seeing them on the field. Still, we generally agree that, if Dauntless is to remain a carrier, two conditions have to be met: she has to be a carrier permanently, in order not to break inmersion and to prevent ourselves from making idiotic mistakes out of not getting a consistant ship; and we need to get priority on crew assignments.