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I like that idea, and you are right about the structure of the duty shift.

The first sim is intended solely to organise and settle crews. It gives us a change to get ships properly staffed and people to practise before the main mission. With some not having a permanent assignment, or being new to the group, it allows that settling in period to get “up to speed”. Finally, it is a “systems check” to make sure everyone is able to connect and has the latest updates installed.

The missions usually follow this period, as at that point we have managed to work out most issues and everyone is ready.

The end of the shift often sees sims. I think having crews mix around will be beneficial. For one, it will allow people to try out (or brush up on) another role. Remember, the proper requirement of a Lt. is to be proficient in ALL roles and have an expertise in BOTH their primary and secondary choices. It will give the chance for those aspiring to be a Lt to develop their expertise in another area, and it will give Lts the chance to keep up to standard. Cadets will also have the chance to switch around too.

Again, a cadet is expected to be proficient in one area of expertise and have a working knowledge of ALL roles on a ship, with at least some experience playing each role (note; speak to Jemel about being stricter on this!) I’ll also point out that this is a requirement in the TSN RP Community, whatever your starting experience. You should technically have played in every role during duty shifts – playing outside of shifts doesn’t count because it is about the protocols and procedures we use as much as it is about operating the console.

Changing around officers between crews as well could also prompt people to consider a transfer. Playing with the same crew for a period is important (essential even!) but at the same time, though we follow the same protocols and procedures, different type ships and different commanding officers have an impact on how a ship operates and how the crew interact. Just the personalities of the captains can make a difference. We used to have an excellent captain that was very firm and direct. Her ship ran smoothly and the crew were exceptionally well coordinated. It wasn’t for everyone, but those who did join the crew and enjoyed that style really thrived. Other captains have a more relaxed style to their command, but again have very well coordinated crews that are more than equal to the task.