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Command and Technical tracks work better in larger crews, and with enlisted personnel in the mix to begin with.

We don’t have either of these, so the difference between command technical officers isn’t relevant. To put it in easy to know Star Trek terms: We’re all just the bridge duty officers, (aka: Main cast.)
Unless Artemis allowed us to play as an entire crew on a starship, instead of just the CO and 5 other consoles, there’s no point. We’re lucky to have an XO even though they don’t have their own duties, like TNG (Riker), as compared to TOS (Spock) where it’s just someone already on a ships station.

Now if we had doctors who treated the crew during emergencies (and let’s face it we’re always fighting!), scientists who studied planets, phenomena etc, engineers who could build things, and create items, enlisted personnel to fly small craft, fix the ship manually, man individual ship components to make them work more efficiently…it’s just going to be fluff for stories.
(I like fluff, don’t get me wrong! I’m still erked we have no rank insignia and uniforms! Now that’s important.)

I digress. Maybe if we get bigger and have too many officers and ships this might become a concern. It wouldn’t be very fair to have a casual player who only shows up once in a few weeks/months ever take command of anything, eh. Talk about disruptive to a crew.