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Adele Mundy

*Nods as Blaze, Aramond and Matsiyan approach, and waves them to seats.

“Evening,” she greets them. “If it’s evening. Definitely not good, whatever it is.”
*she looks across at van Leigh’s table*
“Sir, won’t you join us?”
*she looks at the variety of drinks on the table*
“I see we all had the same idea. May I suggest we start with the wine, and move on to the strong stuff afterwards. Matsiyan, I hope you won’t mind if we drink this now. I was saving it for your promotion, but with everything going on right now I’m not feeling like saving anything for a future that might not happen.”
*she pours the wine carefully into the glasses, and hands them round*
“Single vineyard Prunotto, 2229, Barolo,”
*she says, in case it means anything. She raises her glass.*
“Phoenix, may she rise from the ashes.”