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*Matsiyan strolls in cheerfully and pauses a moment to exchange a word with an officer leaving The Galley and then approaches the bar.

Guy, a glass of Irish coffee, please, with real Jameson’s and real cream. And real damn coffee. And a glass of your finest red wine for Lieutenant M…

* Matsiyan’s eyes widen as he watches Guy place a steaming glass of black fluid, in a stainless steel frame and handle, onto a white ceramic saucer with a paper coaster in it. Taking a spoon and a carton of thick cream Guy floats a quarter inch onto the surface over the back of a spoon.

Matsiyan’s eyes narrow of a sudden and he looks around the busy room scanning the crowded tables. *

She’s already here, isn’t she?

* Matsiyan turns back to Guy who nods affirmatively. Conrad sighs and rolls his eyes. Guy gestures at the recessed wine closet and inquires what Matsiyan had in mind. *

Algolian claret. * He declares reverently. *
Guy: The ninety-one?

The ninety-five * he correctls firmly *
Guy: Excellent choice – anything else?

No, just a glass and decanter. I’ll deliver it myself.

Lieutenant Mundy. Ma’am!