Reply To: The Bar


Very funny, John. Yeah, they probably pulled all kinds of con tricks to get where they needed to be.

Hey, Morlock, seriously you missed what was going on? Hydra has been destroyed. She was hijacked by two Unuk infiltrators, del Pino and Cessna. Cessna seems to have been a true supremacist from what was broadcast, don’t know if del Pino was died-in-the-wool or under some sort of duress. Must have been pretty heavy to override the Oath of Service, but…

It seems they were behind the missing medical supplies, the assassination of the POWs and the sabotage of Lancer. Finally they stole Hydra, almost got away too, but when they realized they had failed to evade pursuit, they closed on Raven and let off a broadside of nukes. The proximity caused them to detonate closer to Hydra, who already had some damage, and besides, Raven’s shields were stronger. Hydra was pretty much vaporized. Raven went critical and the crew were rescued from life pods, but it looks like she’ll fly again.

Speaking of which, did someone say Hunter is back in commission? We thought she was gone for good when they transferred us over to Lancer. And then many shifts ago we happend to see her in a shipyard while we were returning from a patrol. I know she must have been barely salvagable and if they just took her out, I’m guessing the paint wasn’t even dry.

I would love to know where they refitted her. I’ve been trying to find out for several shifts. It would be great to go through the scrap and see if there is anything salvagable. Rag me all you want, but my grandmother’s coffee maker was aboard. I would love to have that back. Not to mention that crazy disco-ball we had rigged to the red alert. It’s not exactly “Ride of the Valkyries” but it did make us feel pretty special going into action.