Reply To: The Bar


*low and intense*
I know I witter on about the coffee machine, but it is only a way of talking about it without going over all the meaningful and painful parts. We all live in cramped quarters on the front lines. It isn’t the material objects that matter, except that, having so few, each one is precious for the memories. *wry grin* I’ll exclude toothbrushes and the like from that. *sips his drink*

It’s the steed that took us into battle, delivered our blows and shuddered with wounds that never took us. It is the camp beyond the safety of civilization, where we stood our watches with our brothers in arms, covered each others backs and shared our deepest trust. And that place is gone even if we are not, and worse is the trust that was broken with anyone who ever served with those two names that do not bear repeating.

I hope they are wrong about there being a third one.

*Gives a little shake of the head. Leans back, toying with his glass at arm’s length.*

I am glad that there was a reduced crew on board. Looks like they planned to minimize interference in their plans by deploying those experimental upgraded skutters to reduce the on duty personnel. Not that I think they were trying to lower casualties, just cut down the odds of an effective resistence to their mutiny. They may have turned some of the crew too. I’ll bet they locked out the bridge and engineering. Without information, maybe they never knew they were in combat against TSN vessels or maybe there were some desperate confrontations. I guess we’ll never know.