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I started keeping logs when I got promoted to Lt. Jr. I figured it was high time I started keeping track of events, not just letting them pass me by.

\\Love the coffee maker, Matsiyan. I imagine the Hydra’s innards are starting to become one big percolator by now…

As for the RP aspect of it, I really like being able to read other people’s perspectives on events before/during/after writing my logs. It makes the RP feel more like a collaboration than most other RP things I’ve done. FateCore is kind of collaborative, but most RP is more like going along for a ride with the GM, whereas our narrative is kind of feeding off itself.

The cool thing about the logs is that they’re personal logs, and most people don’t find themselves writing too much about the state of galactic politics in their diaries. It’s usually small, petty stuff that has almost no large-scale canon implications, like how your bunkmate snores or is it weird to date a non-com or random stuff like that.

If you come up with big ideas, though, I bet the story team would love to hear them so they can use them. You could even run it by people in the OOC forums and workshop it before writing if you wanted.