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I know that people have started writing logs when they were Acting Ensigns (// after two sessions as a cadet and paseed their exam) and it is certainly welcome.

The only issue would be describing something that contradicts established facts of the RP story/worldbuilding (canon). I worry sometimes that I may write something that does not fit, but so far no problems. It used to be that logs would be posted to a specific “canon development” group and they would be read by senior officers/GMs to make sure they did not break the background before they were posted for general consumption. But that took too long and there has never been a contradiction issue so far.

The only issue for cadets or anyone with less time in the environment, is that they might not be aware of some of the conventions (established “facts”). But if you keep it not too specific on background lore and share your reactions and things learned and fictionalize the mechanical things that happen in the game, then it seems to work well.

If I ever make a mistake I would be happy to rewrite and have the post edited or deleted and reposted. Normally I ask Mundy to proofread mine to catch spelling mistakes and factual errors. But even then, some factual errors can genuinely be misunderstandings or valid different perceptions.

Go for it and Good luck!