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Gabriel Wade

I think it’s worth a shot! There’s no telling how many people would be interested or attend, but it could draw people in and open a door for them they didn’t know was there. We will definitely need something set up with access to the site or some other documentation to refer to if necessary so that we can provide all the information needed. We should definitely cover the organization of our group, a breakdown of the structure of duty shifts, basic info on combat orders, how to advance, and a history of the Division including the missions we’ve accomplished (showcasing our storytelling).

Something we could also consider, and this would have to be discussed with Xavier and the rest of senior staff, is what could be done about adding full crews to the Division. Most of the attendees, at least last year, were already assembled crews. If we had a way to bring them in while keeping their crew intact they might be more apt to join. A bit of a digression but still connected, as we can share that in the Q&A as a “selling point”.