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Jemel Eahain

Something appeared to be off between Commander Zelreich and the command crew of the Hawk. I believe it was Jemel and Allard. Even in the sims, I believe it was the Hawk that was short with the commander. Then in our mission, they were downright nasty

It was lancer in the sims under my command that was short with pheonix.
There was new protocols in place in that sim involing moving into an other ships area of operations/ combat range.
Commander jemel first taken exception to being told(not asked)to “move out the way” so the lieutenant commanders vessle could emp the enemy lancer had already halfed the shields off and disabled there weapons. he was then “snippy” reguardsing the total failure of the pheonix to use the new protocol put in place mear minuites before the sim …..
The mission was an escalation from there. When an officer disrespects the chain of command over and over there normally is a point were people are put in there place, im truelly sorry that the language used was so harsh and that you had to hear it at all