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    Lewis Remmick

    Personal Log, Ensign Lewis Remmick, Xeno-Specialist, TSN Phoenix, 2nd Fleet, 4th LD
    Stardate: 6216-2237

    Mini-Log from Stardate 30116-2237: I was asked to return to Earth (Terra? Sol 3? I can never keep the name-of-the-week straight. Someone yells at me no matter what I call it.) to participate in a recruitment exercise. It was a disaster. The tech crews left me sub-standard equipment, I was left to run it myself with no prior experience, and even the attendees were in and out, despite this being mandatory for their education. In all, it was a disaster. I think I might not be asked to do this again. That might be for the good.
    Ok, onto this mission. My shuttle barely made it back in time for the duty shift. I barely made it into the briefing room before we were to report in. Our mission today was to be different. There were to be two separate missions with two vessels each. The Phoenix and Hawk were to run some security sweeps, checking vessels and stations to determine whether things were out of the ordinary. I have no idea what the Hydra and Raven were up to or how it went. I forgot to ask anyone. Oops.
    Refreshingly, we maintained largely the same crew across the missions and simulations today. Zelreich was in command (I asked after Expree. I understand he’s all right. Still wish I could have seen him to say hello, make sure everything’s ok). Lt Jr(Newly Promoted!) Assassino took to the helm, intermittently keeping us informed of his lady-troubles. Cadet Draeco was on engineering, and Cadet Klikiss took weapons. I was on SciCom. All seemed pretty typical. The sim was standard, and we worked rather well, particularly with two cadets aboard.
    On to the mission. Most of the mission itself was fairly standard: Go to stations and vessels, send boarding crews for security, boarding crews take their time, if they report at all. There were a few things of note. I got to witness the singularity, Matilda. I’ve never seen one named in stellar cartography before, so it was interesting. I suspect there’s a story behind that.
    Also, in one sector, there were an unusually large concentration of space whales! I’m keeping the data from what we’ve observed to look for patterns in their migration, or what about that sector drew them to it. Unfortunately, the Torgoth were there, hunting the whales for sport, as usual. They make me so angry! How can they do that to such harmless, and largely mysterious creatures? We had to stop them. Unfortunately, we lost a pod and a half of the space whales before we managed to defeat them. At least they won’t be committing any more atrocities. I hope.
    One other thing of note occurred, and I hope I don’t get myself in too much trouble for mentioning it (I assume someone’s reading all of these. Something appeared to be off between Commander Zelreich and the command crew of the Hawk. I believe it was Jemel and Allard. Even in the sims, I believe it was the Hawk that was short with the commander. Then in our mission, they were downright nasty. They used language I wouldn’t repeat even if I didn’t think it was being listened to! Is there a negative history between the officers? Is it possible that Jemel or Allard is among the USF? I’ve never served under either of them, so I don’t know what their normal command is like. Was this typical? Zelreich seemed to shrug it off. I don’t know if I could have.
    We completed our mission before the Raven and Hydra, so we were to engage in some sims. Someone requested a “no-win” scenario. I gather the senior officers have some intelligence the rest of us don’t (as is to be expected). There was talk about exposing us to “it.” Is there some sort of enemy vessel that is unstoppable? I believe they called it “Rachel?” In the end, we simply fought far too many caltrons. The “no-win” scenario lived up to it’s name. We were summarily crushed and returned to the briefing room for our next… mission?
    I’m still unclear what really happened. It didn’t help that I was down in the engine room, furiously re-wiring everything that that had been changed in the last shift and a half. It seemed like at some point, however, the simulation wasn’t a simulation anymore, and we were fighting USF vessels. I turned the knobs, pulled the levers, and flipped the switches. We were successful, and didn’t blow up.
    I think that’s all for now.

    Ensign Remmick,, Xeno-specialist, out.
    [End log]

    Jemel Eahain

    Something appeared to be off between Commander Zelreich and the command crew of the Hawk. I believe it was Jemel and Allard. Even in the sims, I believe it was the Hawk that was short with the commander. Then in our mission, they were downright nasty

    It was lancer in the sims under my command that was short with pheonix.
    There was new protocols in place in that sim involing moving into an other ships area of operations/ combat range.
    Commander jemel first taken exception to being told(not asked)to “move out the way” so the lieutenant commanders vessle could emp the enemy lancer had already halfed the shields off and disabled there weapons. he was then “snippy” reguardsing the total failure of the pheonix to use the new protocol put in place mear minuites before the sim …..
    The mission was an escalation from there. When an officer disrespects the chain of command over and over there normally is a point were people are put in there place, im truelly sorry that the language used was so harsh and that you had to hear it at all

    Lewis Remmick

    //I wasn’t personally bothered terribly. This was Remmick’s response. Just to make that clear. I enjoyed the little plot of “What’s going on with the senior officers?”

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