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Lots of interesting questions.

A while back, we had someone who was helping develop the canon through their logs and questions/ ideas they were coming up with. I wanted to get a department together to do it. There are a couple of private pages with information on set up, typed OOC, that information was added to and could be used to inform personal logs and such. I’d add stuff as it came up to give one clear idea, based on ideas I’d had or others had suggested.

I could make these pages visible, and then keep adding ideas that come up, or addressing questions. They’d be rather haphazard and lengthy at first, until they start to fill out and information can start to be organised into categories.

Any ideas on how to answer these questions are welcome. Then we can make it official canon on the canon pages.

Personally, I see USFP citizens having the ability to communicate easily, but still hold on to the diversity of languages. Something like the universal translator used in ST, just not as advanced.

Planets colonised… there can be plenty of planets, but not all have humans on. I remember writing something on that on the private canon pages about different types of colonies.

The USFP is the government of all the races. I have the image of the senate on Coresant from Star Wars which appears briefly Episode 1. Lots of different races represented and a president appointed.

Money and capitalism is interesting. I would lean away from the system we have in modern days. Perhaps a credits system?

Big cities – definately ancient cities on earth. On other human planets they’d be smaller.

Countries – I reckon we’d be defined more by which planet we are from than country. Really, it’d be similar, just on a larger scale. Though colonised planets wouldn’t have huge populations due to how young the colony might be 2237 is only 200 years from now!

With advancements in medical technology lifespan could easily be 150 (though less if you like wearing red!)

Hows that so far?