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Gabriel Wade

A cinematic “trailer” showcasing our duty shifts sounds like it would be an awesome draw! Especially for people who already play the game, seeing it played in a way reminiscent of the shows that inspired it, as our community does perfectly in my opinion, might be a big draw for more to join! And with full crews coming to Armada, it could potentially bring even more numbers our way.

I -REALLY- think we should find a way to have a question and answer session about our group at the convention. I think it would be another great tool for recruitment to get the information out there and show the Artemis community that our group can give them an experience along the lines of that “Starfleet officer” they’ve always wanted to be in their imaginations.

Last year around Armada 1 I started working on a Powerpoint presentation about the TSN RP group, which I planned on including a brief overview of our division’s history and examples of how we operate, conduct and protocol if you will. I could pick working on it again and make it presentable for Armada 2, if it’d be something you’d use.

I also still have plans of working on the Captain’s chair I told you about, Verok. I’ve just gotta pick a weekend and buckle down on it. 😛