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Leonard Hall

It’s true the TSN is staffed by an overwhelming majority of human officers, hence the “Terran” in its name. The TSAF and civilian shipping are much more diverse in terms of species by a long way. The USFP is diverse but a number of its nonhuman members rely on Terran shipbuilding for their craft ( hence why we always run into the same 6 or so civvie ship designs).

And yes, Solari is the only person I’ve seen so far who’s overtly done a (half) non-human character within the RP. Personally I think it’d be interesting to see some more people try that route, but it can be a hard nugget to RP compared to human characters.

I don’t think an exact number of Terran-founded USFP colonies has been set in stone as of yet.

–LT Hall, ONI, XO Lancer