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I really like the idea of the crew rosters…I’ll see if I can work out some kind of a mockup. I actually have a real bronze ship plaque that I bought at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas before it closed for the Defiant ( That would be really cool to have something like that for each of our ships. If I get the walls completed for Armada, then I should have plenty of room to hang up prints of those around the walls.

As far as the audio logs, with the event being in a ballroom at a hotel, that sort of audio isn’t going to be easy to listen to unfortunately, but a video could possibly work.

And, as far as connecting to the duty shift, the only internet connection available there is the hotel’s wireless connection, and I don’t expect it will be very good quality, so I’m not sure that will work either. The only other thing I could imagine doing would be a panel discussion about the TSN RP group. There should be at least a couple of others there from our group that could help. I’m most likely already doing one on DMX lighting anyway, so if there’s time in the schedule, I could ask about that as a possibility.