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Adele Mundy

// I’m used to the concept of RP “open secrets”, where one character’s secret is known to the players, who simply pretend not to know in character. That’s why I write things in Adele’s personal log that she would never dream about uttering in public, or writing in a formal duty log. If I wrote Adele’s formal duty logs, I’d make damn sure they were so boring they’d be unreadable. They’d consist of: list of bridge crew members; summary of mission briefing; list of actions undertaken by the division; list of hostile vessels encountered and destroyed; summary of mission debrief.
I was assuming that a personal log is being read by the players, not the characters, because it’s an in-game private document. In the same way, should Adele express any personal opinion about her fellow officers, they don’t necessarily correspond to what I think about the players – particularly if her opinion is negative! Bridge crew on Hydra, I don’t _actually_ resent you in any way… but Adele can’t help remembering how close she came to dying because of those friendly mines.\\

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