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Leonard Hall

That form’s especially outdated but it does have corollaries to current TSN special positions.

1. TSN Instructors is to apply to be an instructor for TSN Academy ( 4th light adjunct headed by Jemel). Formally they handle all officer training and theoretically personally handle all Cadets during duty shifts, but we haven’t had the consistent personnel to run Academy vessels as of late.

2. Officers Lieutenant or higher can apply, if there’s an opening, to become a permanent executive officer. The official XO handbook is

3. System Operators (SysOPs) are people who operate servers for TSN active missions. Any time a sim or active mission needs running, approved SYSOPs run it.

4. The Office of Naval Intelligence ( headed by Fish and also is my department) is the game master team, speaking out of character. We do mission planning and of course game mastering active missions that are being run.

5. Archive and Records is a defunct role. It most closely associates with the “CTR” that Matsiyan occasionally references. Its modern incarnation is designed to do writing for canon and backstory.