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Log #2302
Stardate: 232-2223

Today I became a Lt. Commander.

“You are a hero!” said Captain Pace, but I do not think so.

“You are a hero!” he said right after I shot an Unakalhai separatist.

When I got closer to see his face… I mean… he was too young… he was a child.


My hands are shaking and I am having trouble hiding them. I need to stay strong for my Stella.

If they see me shaking, I lose all my authority. This region of space is unforgiving.


Commander D’Rani gave the control of Stella to me.
He says: “It would be a shame if I took you away from your girl”.

He was right…
I repaired this ship, learned every inch of it. It’s mine!


We have recruited a lot of pirates and common people in the last year. I admit that they show some courage and civility.

They have the guts to be USFP officers it seems. Still, some of them are wildcards.

There is always a threat of mutiny when it comes to pirates.