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Raiden listens to Tivianne and in a sudden spur starts frantically operating his datapad. In a few moments he stops and mutters something inaudible to himself.

After a moment of indecision he raises hand to raise attention.

“Sirs, I don’t know how this slipped everyone’s eyes, but I think I’ve found something in the logs from Onwia Guard feed. I now believe that the pirates are travelling between Onwia and Drenan often. Very often. Take a look.”

Raiden flips fingers and Onwia logs appear on main screen. hundreds of ship logs can be seen all with their individual emission patterns. With a single breath Raiden continues quickly.

Take a look here and here, these patterns are duplicating itself in two different frequency bands. I do think that there are more ships travelling in a tight pack rather than one single large ship. But the log shows the ship class to be large, propably freighter or bigger, depending how Hegemony classifies these in this region. But the pattern appears many times a day and no freighter could be this active. I don’t know what it means really, but Pirate presence in Onwia might be much bigger than we thought.

Raiden finally stops, takes a deep breath as his lungs were depleted, looks around quizzically and as there was no direct response from the fellow officers, sits back to his chair.