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    The fleet conference software starts up and the officers assemble around the table.

    Let’s get right to business. What is the latest intelligence information about our current situation?


    Startled from his intent staring at a blank wall, Xansta blinks a bit and summarizes the text on the data pad in front of him.

    While we were helping the division in Tyr, we got some backlogged reports on the ongoing war. Despite the progress made by the Hegemony to date, we’ve largely kept them from making any further progress. Command believes that the Fourth Light Division’s efforts behind the lines has contributed to that success. The 4LD has pricked the Hegemony in the side hard enough to distract it from its primary front line goals.

    Xansta looks up from his notes to make eye contact with all the officers present.

    I don’t see anything like formal recognition for our efforts in the documents picked up from Tyr, but I imagine we’ll be receiving some kind of recognition once the paper pushers are less tied up with logistics at the front. The appreciative tone in the official documents is pretty clear.

    Xansta swipes to another page

    Speaking of Tyr, several division leaders send their thanks for our assistance, particularly for picking up the lifepods from the division ships that pursued the Hegemony through the gate and were subsequently overwhelmed by the Hegemony in Tyr.

    Xansta shifts in his seat a bit as he scans through his data pad, muttering Vaj failed to mention the special issue Head of ONI underwear uniform requirements. I’ll have to discuss that with him. In a louder voice It seems that our mission to Drenan XII was a great success. The sensor buoys and communications relays we left there have already intercepted a number of Hegemony communications. The topics seem to primarily focus on pirate activity in the area and what can be done about it. In fact, Command wants us to be sure that our Onwia base is secure. To that end, they want us to look around, tap into communications and verify that neither the Hegemony nor the real pirates in the area know about the base.

    With that in mind, where should we look for that kind of verification?

    Xansta has clearly opened up the conversation for input from all the officers as he looks around expectantly.

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    Edward Pierce

    Pierce looks up from his own data pad, quickly sending the map of Onwia to the lager screen

    Well as you can see, there is a military base in Onwia III, which could contain the information we are looking for. Furthermore we could take a look at the logs of the Onwia gate to make sure we are not noticed.

    Also when it comes to pirates, it might be a good idea to look for their base, know where they are coming from and maybe even forge alliances, something Lieutenant Sketch also suggested before I believe

    With a simple push of the button the large screen is now empty again

    Aideron Tivianne

    We might also investigate the transit logs on Onwia Guard. We already have a backdoor in their systems from back when we made sure they didn’t notice us entering and leaving Onwia, and their gate is the only way in or out of the system.

    It might not tell us directly whether the Hegemony found our base, but we could look for suspicious activity. And at the very least it might tell us which Hegemony ships were active in Onwia and may have discovered us. With that information, we could determine where to look next.


    Raiden listens to Tivianne and in a sudden spur starts frantically operating his datapad. In a few moments he stops and mutters something inaudible to himself.

    After a moment of indecision he raises hand to raise attention.

    “Sirs, I don’t know how this slipped everyone’s eyes, but I think I’ve found something in the logs from Onwia Guard feed. I now believe that the pirates are travelling between Onwia and Drenan often. Very often. Take a look.”

    Raiden flips fingers and Onwia logs appear on main screen. hundreds of ship logs can be seen all with their individual emission patterns. With a single breath Raiden continues quickly.

    Take a look here and here, these patterns are duplicating itself in two different frequency bands. I do think that there are more ships travelling in a tight pack rather than one single large ship. But the log shows the ship class to be large, propably freighter or bigger, depending how Hegemony classifies these in this region. But the pattern appears many times a day and no freighter could be this active. I don’t know what it means really, but Pirate presence in Onwia might be much bigger than we thought.

    Raiden finally stops, takes a deep breath as his lungs were depleted, looks around quizzically and as there was no direct response from the fellow officers, sits back to his chair.

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