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Roshin Das

Das examines the maps projected as he takes in the information voiced by the others. His eyes stay on the maps as he speaks.

As Lt Tivianne has suggested, a route from the Ibroan gate would give us an alibi if we were caught. I further suggest making our attack a sweep of sectors radiating outwards from Drenan XIV until we reach Drenan V and make it seem our focus is to gain access to the Erowis gate. Not only would this distract from Onwia but also give ruse that our attacks lack tactical strategy and gives them a false target to reinforce, allowing our real targets with weaker defences, while maintaining our cover that we are pirates or rebelling locals for the mean time.

Taking his eyes off the display, Das scans the room, preparing himself to mention his own concern

I do feel that we are overlooking one obvious issue. If we want to continue this ruse for as long as possible, our continual engagements will eventually allow for Hegemony data analysis of our ships.

I’d suggest arranging a jamming signal to stop them transmitting data, but that might seem to tactical for locals. We could steal pirate or Hegemony ships, but the risk-reward factor is too unbalanced. Perhaps disguising our visual appearance, but the practicality of doing so would be difficult in our current setting without resulting in a moustache and glasses on our hulls. I’m open to suggestions.

Das gives a brief smile to suggest he’s finished

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