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Studying the map, plans were formulating in Garion’s mind, he considered several options as he waited for the Fleet Captain to finish his introduction.

Sir, I feel we need to weigh several things here. First, not attacking in any logical pattern, the Hegemony may try to predict our next target once they realize we are doing hit and run tactics.
Second, the more we attack the more evidence they have to point them to our base of operations.
Thirdly, I would suggest starting our attacks at the farthest points from Onwia gate in Drenan, as the more we attack the more heavily defended Drenan is likely to become, if we leave the closer targets until later, we have less distance to traverse as we ingress and egress the AO. We would have to be careful not to make that into a logical pattern they could predict, however.
Thus my suggestion would be, begin with Sector five.

Garion realized he had in essence taken the floor and not yielded it for a while so did not continue the plan that had formed in his mind, he looked around the room to gauge reaction.


Drenan V: