Reply To: The Bar, 29121-2239

Aideron Tivianne

Tivianne slouches into the room, heading straight towards the bar. He gives a short nod to Donovan and the others, “Sirs. Captain,” and unceremoniously slumps down onto a bar stool besides them, limbs splayed.

“Apologies. Long day at the academy. And that’s not even mentioning the paperwork…” He trails off.

A second later, he grabs the glass Guy has placed beside him and raises it towards the seat in the middle of the room. “As if we needed another reason to miss him,” he says, looking glumly into his drink.

After a long moment, he turns toward Vaj. “Sorry it took a while to get back to you about the tactical data from the Arvonians. There have been… complications. I’m pretty sure we’ll have it soon though.”