Reply To: The Bar, 29121-2239


Lt. Jr. Raiden walks in absentmindedly, his tablet in his hand, reading some sort of a report again.

Upon entering, he raised his head, and found a place at the bar, so unusual for him.

Nods to Matsiyan and Mundy, with a faint “Sir” sits beside his captain Vaj, makes a barely discernible gesture at Donovan.

He’s quieter than usual staring to the same page on his tablet way too long. Guy knows better and gives him space, not rushing him to order.

“Damit, he was my first commanding officer after Academy…” his throat goes sore.
” I mean… I mean, he had such a bright future in front of him… ”

“Guy, give me something strong this time.”

Guy checks our with Donovan who briefly nods. “An earth whiskey, from the common tab. Don’t spill it. It’s worth more than your monthly salary, but I beckon the situation begs for it. Enjoy.”

Raiden takes the glass in his hand, appreciates the color of the drink within. Takes about half of it into his mouth slowly, savours the taste, eyes closed. Forcefully gulps it, tears started rolling down his face.

“I’ll be in the corner booth” mumbles while slowly descending from the bar chair while reaching out for his tablet again, glass in the other hand.

“Was a good stuff, he would have liked it too, “says to Donovan while passing him.

Descends to the booth and it seems as if he disappeared there completely.