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Takes a seat next to Sebasti.

How goes it, Cadet? Word has it among the fleet that you’ve had some experience on a few of the ships. Glad to see you’ve made it this far, while still in one piece.

Motions subtly to the bartender that his drinking companion’s credits are no good while I’m chatting with him.

I hope you’re holding up, Mr. Sebasti. I’m not going to sugar-coat it. Things are about as bad as we could imagine, out here on the front lines. Command probably won’t appreciate me sharing this with you, but, your thoughts probably aren’t far off the mark… mostly. We’ve withdrawn from many neutral sectors. It almost seems as if we’ve given up the fight – that we’re not ready to stand up defend the independents that we’ve come to call erstwhile friends. Truth be told, these “friends” haven’t done much more to maintain that friendship, other than to let us know that we’d best be on our way… that they’d signed a non-aggression pact against those that oppose our way of life.

It may seem that we’re always, “tactially withdrawing our forces,” “consolidating our resources,” and, “leaving sectors to be overrun by enemy forces.” Don’t let that get you down. I have seen worse, and I’m not worried.

Throws back a shot, and motions to the bartender to set himself and the Cadet up with another.

Ok, I’m a bit concerned, but not worried.

Orders another round.

Drink up, son… I not often in the generous, buying mood…

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