The Bar, 171219-2239

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    A Cadet walks into the Commissioned Officer’s Bar…so began the now infamous joke if only because no one really knew how it ended. Eyes looked up, it was only lunch so nothing too fancy but still Cadet Osha Sabasti felt a little too conspicuous. The cadet uniform was obvious and with no rank, he stood out like a sore thumb. Ashia Command didn’t have a dedicated area for cadets, but some enterprising officer had pinned a name plaque over an airlock… some idea of a joke and one that many a cadet had to learn to live with.

    Can I get you something Cadet?

    The cadet blinked seeing the waiter approaching him first.

    Can I have a glass of soda that… The cadet shook his head, it had been a long night. and a bowl of fries please. Dutifully the waiter tapped out the order onto the data pad.

    Expecting friends?

    Just myself and these strategy exercises to work through. Sabasti smiled sheepishly. The waiter guided him to a small, slightly out of the way table. There were no assigned seats outside of the ‘evening meal’ but he still felt a little nervous as he found himself sitting where some of the Captains would sit from time to time while discussing the outcome of the latest mission. He’d been around on Ashia Command to know that much between assignments.

    The last assignment has been particularly troubling to Sabasti, they had engaged a detachment of Arvonians, Hegemony forces or not that made him uncomfortable. They’d also taken out a series of weapons platforms and that wasn’t to mention interfering in the internal affairs between two warring factions. As he nursed the soft drink, he put that to one side. There were other matters at hand.

    He’d now undertaken five separate assignments on four different ships and had taken various stations including in a live mission rather than just simulated exercises. Of course, he wasn’t there because he was good at the station but because the other officers who would usually do that job were unavailable. Still it afforded him an opportunity he wouldn’t have had. Including two stints on the Tactical station. Unfortunately, he had yet to grasp the instructions and had spent time having to be told what they were even though as a bridge officer, they should be second nature. So, here he was pouring over them and trying to figure out which one to use in which scenario and which tactic meant what combinations of weapons and maneuvers.

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