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Thomas Avirson

We do both simulations and missions during duty shifts. Simulations are used to stress-test the server/mod, provide players a chance to act in roles they’re less familiar with, and to generally get officers warmed up before missions. Missions, as continuations of the TSN canon, are story-driven experiences with repercussion. You could, in a sense, see simulations as “drills,” though we don’t typically have standalone practice sessions.

As for the attack patterns, captains & experienced officers try assist new players by being more specific with their details when issuing a command, EG: “Helm, come about for Delta 2 on Sierra 8-9, engage with full beams,” rather than simply saying, “Delta 2 on Sierra 8-9,” as they would with a more experienced crew. We try to provide a welcoming atmosphere, as we fully understand it’s a lot to learn and mistakes are likely to be made early on. Once again, if you prefer it you’re also welcome to act as an observer until you’re more comfortable.

As another resource, we do have a few people who stream the game and have recordings available for viewing. Here are a few recent recordings from different shifts & perspectives: