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Thomas Avirson

Hello Sabasti, I’m sorry to hear about your Discord woes. While it’s true that we use Discord a fair bit these days for announcements, awards, objective tracking, and discussion, the important things are just about always echoed during shifts to ensure that everyone’s in the loop where possible. In short, you won’t be missing too much without Discord, simply getting “caught up” during the shift (and many new things are announced in TS3 first anyways).

Thanks for taking a look at the New Player’s Guide, it’s good to hear that you’re taking a proactive approach. If you want to learn more about Artemis, here’s a list of some of our core training documentation:

We always welcome new players! You can certainly join us and simply observe or, if you’re up for it, you can get your feet wet – no former experience is required to fly with us.

As for your Discord troubles, have you tried using the browser version, or only the applications?