Reply To: The Bar, 6119-2237

Zac Turnez

Turnez tosses the pad onto the bar and sits back, rubbing his temples. He takes a sip of his coffee and sighs heavily

I have been looking over the most recent data dump from the sensor packages we smuggled into Ulikai space last mission. There are most definitely traces of TSN origin in there. It has to be from the Sabre – there’s no doubt about that
What I can’t figure out is the state she might have been in. The readings also give some indication of a general direction of movement, but that gives an area of location that covers almost half of this known system.

And the thing is, this could all be for naught. These trace readings could easily come from debris that has been gathered and transported aboard a small convoy.

Turnez glances at his pad again, frowning this time

There is also another signal in there. It’s strangely familiar, but I just can’t think what it is. It doesn’t match any record I can get my hands on, but yet it looks… I don’t know, maybe I am just tired.