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Zac Turnez

Ahead of Turnez is a grey an desolate landscape, with small islands of jagged rocks breaking the pitted surface of the asteroid. A few hundred metres ahead, a Turnez sees a large, rocky face, in which an entrance to the research base can be seen. The installation itself is half buried into the asteroid base, the Kralien structure stretching the width of the horizon.

Is there evidence of external automated defenses? AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 5; Result – E.Yes

Magnifying his helmet display, Turnez surveys the entrance. The airlock into the facility is set back into the rock, and defended on both sides with automated turrets. Across the top, Turnez can also see an gantry with Kralien surveillance equipment overlooking the plain. Ducking back behind the lip of the crater, Turnez takes a moment to review the images captured on his helmet cam.

Looks like this is pretty well covered. If we try and attack this entry point, we’ll never get through.

Sam, take a look through the sensor data we have. Were there any escape hatches or other entry points that we could use?