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Zac Turnez

Glade, Wren,check out the edge of this crater. Take it easy – we’ll be operating in low g until we get to the base.

Glade and Wren move out, bounding across the crater until they reach the easy slope.

Is Sam able to report a fix on the location? AR – Above Average; DR – Average; Roll – 52; Result – Yes

Is there an entrance to the base close by? AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 33; Result – Yes

Sam gains a fix on the teams position and forwards the data direct to Turnez’s datapad. Checking it carefully, Turnez pinpoints an entract to the base a few hundred metres beyond the crater edge.

Great work! It looks like this entrance is out point of access to the base. We’ll move up and clear out any defences quickly. Its likely that there will only be automated defences to contend with. Lets go!

Standing, Turnez begins moving slowly and carefully towards Wren and Glade. Both have taken up flanking positions at the top of the edge of the crater, either side of the gradual slope. Behind Turnez, the rest of the team follow, scanning the crater edge continually.

Turnez know it is imperative to get into the base as soon as possible. Though their environmental suits protect them from the hazards of space, a single hit would be fatal.

With the size of the base, it is likely that most of the defenses will be automated. We’ll have to make sure we deactive them as soon as possible, without triggering any alarms. We won’t be able to stay undetected for long, so every minute counts.

Reaching Glade, Turnez pauses to survey the asteoid ahead.