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Alia nodded, glanced back down at her notes, and then continued.

“As far as SIGINT is concerned, it is highly probable that the Senior Officers are located on or around Atlantis Command. This is correlated by private communiques from both Earth Corp’s legal department and a senior JAG officer under Admiral Mundy’s command both making procedural motions….. if my experience is anything similar in military jurisprudence, then these are likely being made to slow down proceedings until something else can be brought to bear. Probably an influence campaign. That would indicate that while formal proceedings seem to be starting against the Senior Officers, it should not be a form of summary judgment which gives us some breathing room.

“There has also been a lot of comms traffic from INI affiliated vessels concerning R-56X, largely centering on the N’tani raid though it does date back a bit further. Not sure as to why exactly, but we might be able to learn with further investigation.

“Finally, there has been quite a bit of comms traffic throughout the fleet. Quite a few officers seem to be sore over what became of the Third Hunter Group. There’s been chatter about ‘justice’ and ‘vengeance’ as well as a replacement Hunter Group being assigned to our area of operation. As to whether they were intended to replace 3HG or 4HG…. that bit I’m unsure of.”