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Zyrxes Tam

Oh, sorry, sir. When you didn’t say no, I did send to EC legal.

That was a little while ago. I know it has taken some time for reports to come in and for you to review them. I’ve been keeping tabs on routine traffic with Atlantis Command. There has been a noticeable drop-off in comms from Command support staff. I took the liberty of asking Lt. Xiph if he could use his ah, “access” to see what was going on. Apparently there has been a flood of traffic from the core worlds tieing up all their attention. A lot of the messages seem to be from legal and admin departments and a lot of “due process” workflows seem to be instantiated. Lt. Xiph thought that it has all the hallmarks of red-tape someone might use to slow down decision making procedures. Sources include highly-placed government offices. Someone seems to be querying the Void out of whatever is going on at the base.