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Cadet Rakaydos coughed quietly, still uncomfortable in a “merely” human face- his counterpart in the ISN not being the fan of body mods that he was back home. Being in front of so many massively seinor officers didnt help.

“Sirs, regarding safe harbors…

“I tried cold calling a few comm frequencies I remembered from my pre-TSN days, sirs, and made initial contact with the underworld. Nothing firm, but if you read between the lines, there’s a couple places we might be able to go and the ISN wont follow.

“Someone mentioned Atlantis sector last meeting- the Atlantis Whale Preserve is apparently protected by treaty from ISN intervention, but the Arvonian patrols are overworked keeping the Torgoth poachers out, and we wouldnt be the only ones going to ground there.

“I’m not sure what we did to piss off the N’tani- noone tells 3rd shift shit- but they apparently are building up a serious enclave in the euphradies expanse. The contact who mentioned them to me thought the ISN would think twice about going after wanted men under their protection, but I dont know if that option is on the table.

“There’s also the Chronos and Sierra neutral zones. My astropolitics sucks, but the impression I got is that noone goes there because there’s nothing there worth caring about, which makes it a decent place to lose some heat if we have the supplies for it.

“I did, however, manage to tap into the black market boards. Including arms dealers, if we can pay their prices. So we have options there, as well.”